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QuickScan - The Potential Analysis

Pointing the way leading to efficiency gains

Quick Scan is the fist step in the Aesculap Consulting Process giving you a surgical management baseline analysis. The Quick Scan model provides a state of the state of the art, low-risk, low-investment assessment of your instrumentation and processes to identify opportunities for improvement and compliance with New Zealand audit guide lines.

What you get from the QuickScan is a detailed presentation to key stakeholders, including: instrument condition, sterile packaging, photo documentation, process strengths and weaknesses, repair process and quality, water quality results, action steps for improvements.

The QuickScan Process consists of:

Goal Setting: First we discuss with OR and CSSD management teams to identify your specific challenges and outline goals for the QuickScan.

Step 2
Tours and Interviews: On-site, we interview your OR and CSSD staff, gathering key insights to drive our examination of your instrumentation and processes.

Step 3
Analysis and Testing: We inspect representative samples of your surgical instruments for quality and value, examine your water quality and observe your reprocessing cycle.

Step 4
Output and Reporting: Following out audit, we provide your management team with a summary of our findings, including an audit of your instrumentation quality and procedures against industry standards. Included in this report is an action plan with recommended steps for improvement, an estimated timeline and savings potential.