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Aesculap Academy

Technical developments, new treatment methods, hospital management – the requirements on today’s medical professionals are varied, which is why highquality continuing professional development is crucial. This is precisely what Aesculap Academy stands for.

Founded in 1995 under the B. Braun Group, the Aesculap Academy is seen as an important forum for medical training and further professional education around the world. It works with an interdisciplinary, independent and international approach and strives for long-term partnerships. Thanks to tailored and interrelated modules, the participants can continually develop and build up their knowledge and skills throughout their career. The benefits are not only to be a competent staff member but also to be well prepared for their daily work and future tasks. Hands-on trainings with modern methods of treatment and therapy, international symposia and the latest management seminars of the health care policy are being offered by the Aesculap Academy  in order to fully cater the needs of the modern medicine.

Course offerings on the Aesculap Academy Website

Venues worldwide and in Germany

The cradle and headquarter of the Aesculap Academy is the Aesculapium in Tuttlingen. In 2005, Aesculap Academy opened its second German site in the tradition-steeped Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus in Berlin. In 2013, the Aesculap Academy opened its most recent site in Bochum. Worldwide, more than 40 countries have established their own local training centers where instructors from the Aesculap Academy run medical courses representing the transfer of knowledge. Due to the continuous dialogue with our specialists and key opinion leaders, our offer includes a broad and comprehensive course program tailored to the respective target group related to medical skills and care.

Aesculap Academy Global Venues

Aesculap Academy in the Aesculapium, Tuttlingen


Aesculap Academy in the Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus, Berlin


Aesculap Academy in the BioMedizinPark, Bochum